Month: May 2017

16 May

What Really Are The Disadvantages Of Summer School

Many parents use summer camps to send their troublesome children away from home as some of the children when left idle at home can be very naughty. Although summer camps have significant benefits to the children, they have with them with equal measure some of the disadvantages of attending them. Thus parents should also know that sending their children to these summer camps can cause harm to their children lives. Some of these disadvantages include:

Being away from home

Summer camps happen away from home at a designated place. The length of the time that your child will be there determines the level of activities and the summer camp management. Some of the children are affected by being away from home greatly. For example, some experience sleeping problems, some develop stress add other problems. The level of damage caused by being away from home matters with the child. You should, therefore, know your child well if they develop problems whole away from home don?t take them to the summer camp or if so the summer camp should take the shorter time. Also, to avoid this problem you may begin sending your child to sleepover at a friend?s home so that he or she can become accustomed to being away from home.

Outside influence

Summer camp involves a different kind of people from different backgrounds such as  and different goals. Sending your child to a summer camp. Therefore, he or she will be exposed to outside influence which doesn?t necessarily mean it?s positive. He or she might be introduced to bad influence by the people in the summer camp. When the child is at home, the parent can be assured that the child is okay and thus sending them away risks them being influenced negatively. This disadvantage was difficult to navigate through it, but you can choose a summer camp led by a director you know well and trust. Don?t send your child to a summer camp just for the sake of it.


Summer camp in Vancouver involves being emotionally and physically involved. The summer camp activities require the child to participate in sometimes very rigorous activities like mountain climbing, swimming and so on. Although this helps them exercise it can be very tiring and thus making the child worn out. On the emotional side, the child will be required to adhere to new rules and regulations of the summer camp, make new friends, experience disagreements and so on. This happens without the support of their family making it very hard for them. This can be very distressing t them and may require a great deal of time for them to come back to normal and regain the energy to go to school.

15 May

Advantages Of Summer Camps

There has been an increase in the number of summer camps all over the world today. This has been led by the growth in demand of the camps. Parents have been informed of the importance these summer camps have to their children. Summer camps are important experiences in which every child in the world should experience. Participating I summer camps have great importance to the life of a child even if once in his or her lifetime. It is one of the most important aspects which you ought to give to your child. This article will cover on the advantages summer camps have to your child.

Develops resiliency

When your child is enrolled in a summer camp, he or she gets involved in activities that test his or her patience and hardness. These days’ parents over protect their children protecting them from danger. This has led to raising of kids who are weaklings. Summer camps goes a great deal in avoiding this by giving the child hard tasks to harden them and test their resolve. Resilience goes a great deal by encompassing the children with the ability to withstand life problems at all cost which improves their life afterward when they are taking care of themselves.

Creates a bond with nature

This day’s children are spending most of their time either in video games or the classroom. This has led to a creation of the nature deficit in our children. The summer camps are mostly held outdoor and in wild places like in the woods. By doing so, the camps help the children appreciate nature to its fullness. This makes them quality conscious and thus can protect the environment.

Improves Health

Summer camps involve participating in the various activities which involve being physical. Being physical helps your children to exercise properly. Exercise helps the child to develop a body that is strong and helps prevent some of the diseases which are caused by not using. Exercising is an excellent way of improving your health. It ensures your child is fit. Some of the diseases prevented by participating in the summer camps include high blood pressure, heart conditions and also being obese. By being fit and healthy, the summer camps save you the great amount of money that would have been spent trying to cure these diseases.

Build relationships

Summer camps involve a lot of children from various places who come to a location or the camping site to participate in the summer camping activities. It also includes many activities which aim at improving the life values of children. One of these activities includes social activities which enable children to socialize freely with their peers. This, therefore, offers a great socializing spot where your child can Crete great friendship with new friends whom earlier they hadn’t met. This, therefore, improves their socializing ability which is a good thing.

12 May