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15 Jul


An opportunity to learn a new language is one that opens more opportunities globally. A language that is spoken by an estimated 125 million people in the world. Japanese is a language that can allow you to converse easily with native speakers. Japan is a well-known tourist destination and if you happen to vacation there it would be great to know the language. 

Japan also boasts of being a robust economy therefore providing an opportunity to engage in commerce and global trade with the knowledge of the language. What are the basics for a beginner Japanese learner? 

How to learn Japanese on you own 

There are a number of steps involved in learning Japanese as beginner. 

  • It is important to start with reading hiragana which is part of a writing system used in Japan. You can learn from video tutorials on YouTube for clarity. 
  • Familiarizing yourself with katakana which is also another element of the writing system for Japanese language. 
  • Understanding kanji is also a goal that you should purpose. It is easier since it uses drawings and excellent explanations. 
  • Building basic vocabulary. 
  • Japanese pronunciations should be at the core of your study. 
  • Sentence structure is basic and necessary when communicating and even writing in a certain language therefore you need to get your sentence structure right. 
  • Knowing the salutations of the Japanese language or any other language for that matter is a good place to start for a conversation with a native speaker. 

Reliable resources in learning Japanese 

  • Books -You can find books like Japanese for everyone and even vigor which are the most popular 
  • Watching subtitled movies is a great result as the world embraces different cultures through rt 
  • Japanese television can also be great in sharpening your Japanese listening skills 
  • Memorization tools are a great way to build your vocabulary and help you lean the language much faster 
  • Making conversation in Japanese with native speakers can be a great way to learn the language. 

Advantages of learning Japanese on your own 

Learning at your desired pace 

It may be a waste of time to attend class and fail to, learn a thing because maybe it’s moving too fast. As beginner studying on your own allows you to move at a manageable pace while gaining a lot. 

You can device personalized learning methods 

This way you can learn easily and fast. It also allows you to gain the necessary skills in writing, speaking and listening. 

More meaningful leaning 

Hwan you adapt your own learning techniques becomes more personalizes and you are consciously involved in the leaning process making it more meaningful. 


Learning Japanese can open up the world for is however necessary  to start with the basics and use all the good resources that you can find for better and quicker learning contact Taigo of Singapore. 


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Steps In Which One Should Follow When Staring A Language School

Coming up with a language school is very important. The reason being that, many language groups have brought unity among many countries since there is prevention of language barrier that has been there for a couple of years back. According to the researchers, more than six thousand languages has been known throughout the world and is spoken today. it is advisable therefore for those people who have great passion in pursuing education career have that desire to start such schools learn Korean Singapore to help people know more about other countries and tribes as well. it will help people know of the cultural values of others as well as promote employment services which is a scarcity factor to many countries. Below are guidelines that one can use in case one is need of starting a language school today.

Identify a target market – Starting by sourcing whether there is a great level of people who are wishing to learn additional language. These learners can be either adult or children which I very healthy today. once the market has been found, it is good to proceed to the next step of preparation to make this decision a success.

Select a teaching location – The second step is to choose the centre where learning will be conducted. Let the site be as near as possible and it should also be easily accessible by the customers otherwise it can bring failure. The place should have good means of transportation to and fro for all individuals.

Purchase teaching supplies and resources – Having undergone the two steps above, the next one is to buying all the learning aids like the books, writing materials, blackboards, desk and chairs. It is good to set aside a section of the school as a multi-media centre where teachers and students can get to learn a lot with minimal supervision. This place offers a great time for people to learn though for a short time but with a lot of silent as possible hence encouraging greater concentration mode.

Hire teachers and support staff – After the three steps are looked upon, it is the right time to hire teachers who have great level of knowledge and skill to give to the learners. Also, a supporting staff who help in various activities like cleaning of the compound, cooking, managing accommodation area and accounting services as well among others.

Develop a formal business plan – The last step to take is putting individuals’ ideas in writing which will involve the summary of all the discussions, market analysis, company organizations, marketing services lines, financial and funding facilities. Once this is done, it is the right time to officially open the learning institution which will give out the best if probably managed.